Five little-known BlackBerry PlayBook tips

In this informal video I show five things you didn't know about the BlackBerry PlayBook, RIM's 7-inch tablet device. Specifically, I show some multitasking t...
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Question by missy: How could I turn my blackberry curve on?
I charged it last night to find this morning the black screen. It doesn't turn on even when I hold the end call button, take out the battery or press the mute button just in case it's in sleep mode. any helpful tips?

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Answer by Adam
Sounds like the battery may be dead. Try replacing it.

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17 thoughts on “Five little-known BlackBerry PlayBook tips”

  1. arguably the worst piece of technology ever created. if you are thinking
    about buying one, please dont´╗┐

  2. LOL he basically made a better tutorial about these things than BB’s
    official tutorial/guide that takes more than 10 mins

  3. Don’t even think about buy a pb… you will regret it for the rest of your
    life, I have one and i can’t do anything else apart of surfing the web,
    email app and calendar, the pb don’t have something simple like a chat
    (except the video chat)

  4. What amazing features, screenshots, a keyboard, a camera, closing apps.
    What will they ever think of next? Why not…..get a galaxy tab?

  5. @regnaston Really had to act fast. I didn’t get out til 2pm or so and they
    were completely sold out at 2 futureshop locations except for 6 open box
    64gb at one store. Don’t assume that if futureshop(store systems) in-store
    inventory levels show remaining stock that there will be some avail. Wasted
    time and parking $ for nothing. I finally got one at Staples but they only
    had 64gb which was perfect bcuz it’s what I wanted. Also sold out of all
    but 64gb.People hoarded obviously to resell.

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