24 thoughts on “Forgot iPod PASSWORD: How to FIX IT without a restore”

  1. My daughter is locked out of her iPod touch. She swears she knows the
    password, but evidently forgotten it. I was going to restore, but the top
    button on it doesn’t work. So is there a way to do a restore without
    keeping both buttons pushed down? Thanks!

  2. Please Answer (;

    Okay So To My Ipod I Forgot The Email An The Password An All That Itunes
    Stuff To My Ipod So When I Plug The Ipod To The Itunes It Says Can Not Do
    It Because Ipod Is Locked ,, An Its Not The Itunes Thats Connected With The
    Ipod Thats Lock .. So Please HELP Me .. I Need TO Get In For My Mexcio
    Pictures thanks (;

  3. When i put my iPod 4G in DFU mode the window says in red “ignoring
    unsupported device UNSUPPORTED”. What should I do? 

  4. I had just got my ipod back the newest generation and i disabled it because
    i haven’t had it in awhile. I also do not have the primary computer i
    synced it on so now i cant get on at all. I don’t have much money to go to
    the professionals. What to do? I also tried the apple steps to restore my
    ipod touch but itunes always pops up and says something along the lines of
    the ipod is locked and can’t connect until you unlock it. This also happens
    when i attempt dfu mode? Can someone help me or give me detailed steps. Im
    going on break and want to use my ipod touch on the road trip by
    tuesday…I’d appreciate any help. Thank you!

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