Fun and Tricks with NFC and Your Android, Part 1

In our last video we showed off CyanogenMod 9. Among the topics we covered were "Profiles" and a teaser of something awesome ( ) to come in our next video -- this video. Switching profile's isn't all that quick. It's somewhat unfortunate because the several screen taps that are required to switch between profiles has been enough to keep me from using them. With NFC, that all changes. Hit play, and prepare to have your mind blown. Article: Facebook: Twitter:
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Question by Saruhhhh: Does anyone have a HTC HD7s?
i have a HTC HD7 and today i had to restore my phone, and it restored back to October and unfortunately i dont have a photographic memory so im locked out of my phone because i dont remember my password. How do i reset my phone without using my phone, or i heard there are some tricks to getting around the password and re setting it, could you please help.

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Answer by Drake Valentine
Yea sure.

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  1. If you want to change profiles i sugest using the llama app. It learns your location based on cell towers so you don’t need GPS. Worth checking out.

  2. When my desktop PC detects mi cell phone wifi signal automatically turns ON and get ready to work, When I go away from my PC for more than 20 minutes my computer turns OFF automatically, isn’t that smart?

  3. Why do they need to be mutually exclusive? A ~$2 app (NFC Task Launcher) can trigger any tasker action. Instead of a negative attitude denying the power of them vs. an alternative, instead look at the power when you combine them.

  4. Only to an extent. Even with a rooted phone, NFC isn’t able to access and modify specific in-app functions, it’s only able to change system-wide settings and launch apps … which is GREAT, don’t get me wrong! And part of the problem is the crap-tastic voice recognition on Android, but even if it was passable, NFC has no way of commanding an App to ask me where I want to go. Perhaps in a later version of Android.

  5. This is totally awesome. I can see using this. Not sure for what locations though. Gonna look it up and maybe get some NFC tags. Thanks for the video!

  6. Having GPS and having an app run in the background uses a lot of battery. Having NFC turned on doesn’t waste battery.

  7. Yawn. So I can turn off wifi when in my car, big freakin whoop. Wake me up when my in-car NFC chip auto-launches my GPS software then instantly asks me to voice-input my destination. THAT’S useful.

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