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THIS GIVEAWEY HAS CLOSED AND IS NOW OVER , THE WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER ON TODAY. In this video i am going to be giving awey a brand new Rechargeable battery for the HTC Google G1 Video Review Of The Battery - www.youtube.com Rules To Enter The Giveawey 1) You Must Subscribe 2) You Must Comment This Video Saying G1 - (Your Comment) 3) OPTIONAL Rate 5* And Favourate 4) OPTIONAL Refer 5 people and tell them to say that you referred them and i will put you channel on my G1TipsAndTricks Official YouTube page :) GiveAwey Finishes On Saturday 29th August Keep Subscribed :)
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Question by kroket75: HTC Thunderbolt Unlock to work with GSM?
I have an HTC Thunderbolt from Verizon. I reckon somehow it is compatible to work on GSM networks, I have done a search on this but I kind of got lost, please read the following and tell me your opinion and if you think HTC Thunderbolt is capable of working on GSM. By the way i am no expert just the contrary I have very limited knowledge with these stuff...
First of all before everybody jumps into a conclusion; I know Thunderbolt is listed as a CDMA/LTE phone thus, it will not work on GSM networks. According to my understanding, what makes a phone compatible to work on CDMA, GSM etc is;
1. The Hardware: ie Chipset, GSM Antenna etc
2. The Software: The version of the software, Android™ 2.2 etc.
Here is the deal, HTC Thunderbolt has "Qualcomm® MSM8655, 1GHz, Qualcomm MDM9600" chipset, MSM8655 is basically for voice and MDM9600 is for LTE which is data. According to Qualcomm; msm 8655 chipset is GSM capable. Also according to Verizon; Droid 2 by HTC is also global ready meaning it is GSM and CDMA capable. Now here is the trick; BOTH HTC THUNDERBOLT and DROID 2 by HTC have same chipsets yes "Qualcomm msm 8655". So I would say on paper, Thunderbolts chipset is GSM capable. But what about the GSM antenna, I think Thunderbolt also has a GSM antenna; thus when I enter *#*#4636#*#* and go into testing and phone information. You see GSM service: Emergency call only not to mention there is an option in the setting where you can turn on and off the GSM radio. When GSM radio turned off you see GSM service: Radio off. I have also figured when you insert a GSM sim card into the Thunderbolts sim slot, you can update SMSC numbers from the GSM sim card; you can also import contacts you have in the sim card. SO Thunderbolt definitely reads the GSM sim card and has GSM radio integrated.
So overall Thunderbolt hardware wise has everything needed to operate on GSM networks. Let’s see the software. According to HTC; Thunderbolt has Android™ 2.2 + HTC Sense™
Current software number: 2.11.605.5. and Global Ready HTC Droid 2 by HTC has Android™ 2.3.4 (Gingerbread) with HTC Sense™ Current software number: 4.08.605.3. So 2 different software.
Let’s go into more tech android stuff, according to some forums, if you add a new radio and rom that enables GMS option, some cdma phones actually will work as gsm phone. One sample is Miui rom...
I will go ahead and try this Miui thing, Please give me your thoughts....
Ok, lets say, TBs GSM fuse is blown by, Qualcomm, in that case if we change the fuse or the chipset with Droid 2 by HTC s, Thunderbolt should technically capable to work on GSMS...

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Answer by priyank
Probably not, once the manufacturer decide to use CDMA as base, the chips fuses are blown off in factory only to support CDMA. Though chip has the multimode modem, the fuses are there which can make it only single mode. Emergency services are on dedicated channel, hence would be provided, but not the for commercial use. Thats the business sense of making multimode chips. Qualcomm does that.

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  1. i have a problem that my mobile cant open youtube video. message show (uploader can not this country) i m from pakistan wat should i do.

  2. i have a problem that my mobile cant open youtube video. message show (uploader can not this country) i m from pakistan wat should i do.

  3. g1- i need this battery mine is practically dead your awesome please i need one for my granny she only has one g1 thxx

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