25 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 3 Software – Tips & Tricks, Hidden Features & Everything Else – Part 1/2”

  1. Wow, +Eric Christensen, I actually learned a number of things I didn’t know
    about my Note 3


  2. Hey great video, I tried to add my camera to my lock screen but when I
    followed your instructions by going to the settings in the lock screen
    section the option wasn’t there. Also I’ve just switched from a note 2 to
    the 3 & for some reason I’ve noticed the 3 doesn’t have the add words to
    “dictionary” where I could save words or long email addresses etc even when
    I turn off the predicted text option it doesn’t save the words….

  3. Thank you so much for such a great tutorial. I am looking forward to
    receiving my new phone. I haven’t been this excited about getting a new
    phone since I had my Trio years ago. I plan on using your tutorial as a
    reference during the time I have my new note 3. Thank you again for the
    great tutorial.

  4. thx, you are very brilliant by showing things or pros-tips that others
    wouldnt ….a big thanksssssssssss,btw i will buy after your detailed
    review. have a good day

  5. where’s search box on the setting menus ? I don’t see those like connection
    icons, device, contacts, and control on the top of my setting menus

  6. I can’t minimize my home screen like you at the beginging of the video is
    the something you do with the settings please help

  7. Great video. I agree sometimes you speak a little fast but replaying parts
    of the video solves that. Loads of useful info.

  8. can someone tell how to install Skype on Note 3 please?
    if it is supported with vid that shall be good.

    Thanks in advance;

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