[HD] Xperia Play – Tips & Tricks

Are you having issues setting up your emulator? Don't know what a BIOS is? Have no idea why your emulator won't install? Watch this video for answers and more! I address issues you may be having in this video and I even talk about what launcher I use. Thumbs Up if you like this!
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17 thoughts on “[HD] Xperia Play – Tips & Tricks”

  1. Get something called Juice Defender…It more than doubled my battery life…It basically shuts off everything that would take up your battery when your phone screen goes black and your not using it. One of the best apps

  2. When i’m plugging my pc to my android i dont have the “USB connected” notification.
    what can be the cause of that?

  3. How do I get the most out of my battery, I have to charge it everyday. Is that just what comes with the territory with this phone?

  4. I’m trying to play Dungeon Defenders, and when it’s download the game files at about 65% it says the remote file cannot be read? Any idea what this means and how to fix it?

  5. root explorer allows more options with manipulating/moving files, BUT it ALSO allows view and editing of the system files (nothing on the sdcard, in the internal storage, not unlike the PSP Go) as long as you have it rooted, which I do!

  6. Hey mann thanks some usefull stuff :) just bought a play, i subscribed too.. sub back ? Thanks

  7. Hey could you help with key mapping, im a bit confused for n64 mappings. I dont know where to assign the c buttons or the z trigger to the xperia play could you tell me which buttons i assign? thanks c: *subbed*

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