help! sidekick LX problem!

Question by 1207 ! (=: help! sidekick LX problem!
i havent paid my bill in a month. i just paid for it yesterday and i could text and call out. the only thing is i can not use internet! i dont have my contacts and ringtones. also, it says i dont have service? what happened? and what should i do? HELP!

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Answer by spicysweetie675
I have a sidekick lx as well and i have had that problem as well sometimes....wait a couple of hours and all of your stuff should come back....if you can still call or text that means you still do have service...i have no idea why they do that though but they have always come back for me

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  1. You’re problem could be that your phone isn’t completely set up yet it takes a while. But if you could use your internet in the past I have a few tips to help you. First trying a “soft reset” by pressing the @ symbol to the immediate left of the space, the #1 key, and the #0 key all at the same time. Wait for your phone to set up and you have service. If problems still persist start your phone from a “cold boot” by turning your phone off with the off button on the bottom right of the phone and the removing the battery and sim card and leaving them out for a few moments. Replace these items, your phone should automatically come on by itself and once it does and has complete service check to see if your problem is still there and if it is call t-mobile customer service at 1-800-937-8997 and tell them about your problem. I hoped I helped =]

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