How can I download YouTube Videos from mobile?

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by roland

Question by Rashid: How can I download YouTube Videos from mobile?
Hi guys, i want to know that how can I download You Tube Videos from my Mobile Nokia X2-01.....I tried many softwares but they are useless and i was unable to download any video clip. So if you know about any good trick, software or you aare using any useful software then please paste the link here.... Thanks.

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Answer by Sarah
Why not download youtube video using your computer, then convert it to you mobile with USB,

You can try clone2go to download youtube video

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Question by nmartinez530: How do i upload videos from my boyfriends phone to the computer?
He has all these videos of his son but every time we try to view them on our computer. They never seem to work.

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Answer by suzy
which phone you are using?..if nokia,use its software is a site where you can add you ideas,u can comment on all posts,create your innovations,meet valuable coolest hacking tech tips,windows xp and vista hacks,linux hacks,tricks in wordpress,bloggers,widgets,rankings,page rank and in every fields of technology

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