How can I fit MORE calories into my day?

Question by Stephii: How can I fit MORE calories into my day?
Yess, I want more calories!
I'm slightly underweight now plus I keep losing and I want to be thick or average sized again.
I usually only get 500 to 1,800 calories a day (I calorie count). I'm aiming for 2,800.
Its hard to find time to eat and I don't have a lot of food availible.
Ensure and other protein shakes are just too much money.
How can I get more calories in my day? I feel like I'm starving myself to death.
Also, any weight gaining tips are appreciated.

(I'm not particularly worried about health right now, once I start gaining weight I will focus on healthy eating habits)

Thank you and I WILL be choosing a best answer (: 10 points!

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Answer by Ask Me!
Eat as much of the food you have available as you can stand to in a single day, then do that every day.

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4 thoughts on “How can I fit MORE calories into my day?”

  1. Wow 500 is low haha. I’m underweight too and am really trying to gain weight so here are some tips:

    Peanut butter and milk, a few tablespoons before you go to bed with a glass of milk is 600 calories right there. The milk makes the peanut butter go down really easy, and yes its healthy, good fats and protein for muscle building actually.
    Pasta and chicken are good calories, buy some Sidekicks, about $ 2 each. Good 600 calories per bag.
    Oatmeal and yoghurt for breakfast is great

    And other than that just eat constantly! Good luck!

  2. Milk,milk,milk,and milk. Also do some chicken and hamburger meat. If you can afford it cheap steaks too.

  3. If you’re super busy, eat during your travel times. Grains like pasta and bread and good for gaining weight. But honestly, the best way to gain weight is to eat junk food. A lot. But you’ll feel like crap and have low energy. But you said you didn’t care about health, so doughnuts, pizza, etc. are the best things for gaining weight

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