How can i get the music off of an iphone to a nw computer?

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Question by Austin: How can i get the music off of an iphone to a nw computer?
I recently got a new laptop because my desktop broke and i had most of my music backed up to a portable hard drive, but i have music that i purchased on my iphone that isnt there yet. When i go to sync the iphone it says that it is synced with another library and asks to erase it. I have tried programs that allow you to view the music but it only appears when you look from the iphone. Help?

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Answer by Mike J
If the music was purchased through iTunes, you're in luck.

Connect your iPhone, and in iTunes go to the File menu, and choose "Transfer purchases from 'iPhone'". iTunes will check your phone for any music that was purchased with your iTunes account and will copy it back to your computer without any trouble.

The other problem, though, is with music that was not purchased through iTunes. Since your old machine is not available, many of the tricks out there won't work, since they involve you getting a file out of your old iTunes library and editing it on your new computer.

So your only option there really is to try some of the different programs that say they will help you get the music from your phone, and get it copied to your machine. Then, you can tell iTunes to sync the music, which will delete the music off the phone and then put it back on with what you copied.

Yeah... it's a huge pain. Apple really didn't make it easy to shuffle music collections between different computers. If you can live without syncing the music, you can just tell it not to sync that and it will still sync your other data, such as contacts, mail settings, and backups. But music and applications both involve it erasing the current library on the phone and re-copying a new one in order for the new computer to manage the phone properly.

As far as apps to retrieve the music from the phone, try these links out:

Hope this helps!

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