how do i erase my old text messages automatically from my razor phone?

Question by lilgui: how do i erase my old text messages automatically from my razor phone?
i have a motorola razor phone and its pretty good on everything but im still trying to figure some things out though. unfortunately i have not figured out how to automatically delete old text messages from my phone and need some tips on doing so....can someone tell me plz!

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Answer by haileylovsyouu
check your message settings

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Question by zsw54: On the touch pro 2, can you use pictures as your wallpaper instead of just the default clock?
I'm switching from AT&T to T-Mobile soon and I'm looking at getting either the Motorola CLIQ or the Touch Pro 2. On the touch pro 2, I know that the default wallpaper is just the clock/call history/calender, but can you save a picture as your wallpaper instead? I know it's more of a business type phone but I'm looking to use it as a personal phone. If you have any recommendations or tips about either phone let me know :) Thanks

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Answer by TheLoadedOne
What you're referring to is the home screen of the TouchFLO 3D, the user interface supported on the Touch Pro 2. You can change the wallpaper to whatever you want on the home page but you cannot remove the clock. Because this is a more business oriented smartphone, virtually all the press shots show the home screen with the default black wallpaper as it doesn't distract from the features of the phone, but you can make your wallpaper whatever picture you want as long as it's 480x800. However when you swipe up on the home screen you can 'push' the clock up and a similar yet different looking home screen appears which ostensibly shows the same information but allows more space for your wallpaper to be more prominent. I'm sure there's a demo of the TouchFlo 3D or Touch Pro 2 on YouTube that demonstrates this. Also you can turn off the TouchFlo 3D interface which pretty makes your phone look like a Zune. Effective yet kind of boring.

I did a lot of research before I purchased the Touch Pro 2 and I would overall say I'm happy with it. The main reason why I went with this phone is that it's a great mobile device for the web. The phone can run Skyfire which is an excellent mobile browser that supports flash. While not necessarily the best messaging phone, the Touch Pro 2 has probably the best external keyboard on the market as well. If you do a lot of texting you'll be more than pleased with the ease of use for the keyboard.

However the Touch Pro 2 has it's faults as it's a Windows Mobile phone and Windows Mobile 6.5 is outdated at best. The TouchFlo 3D covers up the flaws of the mobile operating system but really can only do so much. Some of the programs make the phone feel a little 'clunky' and laggy. Also Windows Mobile 7 is going to be released around the holidays of 2010 and will instantly make the Touch Pro 2 obsolete as WinMo 7 requires new hardware requirements not found on any WinMo phone so none of these phones will be upgradeable.

In short the Touch Pro 2 provides what I need of it (internet browsing, messaging, and it's a phone too) but still sometimes has me wanting more. I actually paid next to nothing to get the phone though so I'm not too worried about but if you're paying close to the $ 200 then I suggest you look elsewhere. Personally if you willing to pay a couple hundred on a phone I would suggest you go with the Motorola Droid with Verizon. That truly is a great phone that's powerful enough to stay relevant for awhile.

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