How do I extend the battery life on my motorola Q?

Question by robotca2003: How do I extend the battery life on my motorola Q?
My battery used to last for about 4 days, and now I have a hard time getting 2 days out of it? The phone is about 6 months old. Is there a way to calibrate the battery? What should I do?

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Answer by MaryAnn
it really depends on how much your using your phone and what your doing... if you use it more now than you did 6 months ago then thats the reason why you have to charge it more frequently.

there is no way to calibrate the battery .. the days if NiCad batterys are long past.
If your using the phone the same then try going to an ATT corporate store to get a new battery (they have a 1 year warranty so your covered) and it wont cost you a penny.
failing that you can call the warranty department at 1-800-801-1101 and ask them for some help .. they can also direct you to replace the battery first!

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Question by Adrian: How do i use wired connection on Ps3 with Motorola Modem?
I used my modem and connected an ethernet to it.
Then i tried doing the Internet Connection Settings and it says
Obtain Ip Address Timed out.
It failed.
I've also tried wireless but i always lag on cod4 and always
have bad connection.
I have linksys.
Any help?

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Answer by Passive_Menis
Try doing a power cycle. Unplug all from their power source and then plug them back in this order:

1. PS3
2. Modem (make sure the modem is ready before plugging in the router)
3. Router

If that doesn't work try resetting the modem with the small pen-tip size button on the back while everything is plugged in. If that doesn't work right away try unplugging the router's power and plugging it back in after resetting the modem (again make sure the modem is ready).

You could also try connecting the PS3 directly to your modem and if it works then you know it's a setting on your router, call Linksys for help. If it doesn't work connected directly to the modem then you know it's the modem, call your ISP.

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4 thoughts on “How do I extend the battery life on my motorola Q?”

  1. You can try to put your phone on lowest contrast. That will probably extend your battery before it needs to recharged.

    Menu–>settings–>display settings–>Back light–>Internal (inside of phone) or External (outside of phone)–>Off

  2. Hello,

    Here’s a few battery savings tips for your Q?

    Set your synchronization schedule

    You can set your phone to automatically synchronize with your PC at time intervals that you specify, so that auto-synch doesn’t interfere with your peak usage time. This is particularly useful if you have a third-party e-mail client with push e-mail.

    1. Press Start
    2. Select ActiveSync
    3. Press Menu
    4. Scroll down and select Schedule
    5. Scroll down to Peak Times
    6. Scroll right to choose the right option for your needs.

    Note: Battery life is conserved with longer periods of time between synching.

    7. Repeat above for Off-Peak Times
    8. Press Done

    Use your screen dimmer

    Set your screen to automatically dim after your phone is idle for a certain period.

    1. Press Start
    2. Scroll to and select Settings
    3. Scroll to and select More
    4. Scroll to and select Power Management
    5. Scroll to Backlight Time Out on Battery
    6. Scroll left to decrease the time delay from 10 seconds to 5 seconds
    7. Press Done

    Disable Bluetooth connectivity when not in use

    When you’re not using your Bluetooth® headset and accessories, you can easily turn this function off.

    1. Press Start
    2. Scroll to and select Bluetooth
    3. Select Bluetooth Manager
    4. Scroll to and select Settings
    5. Highlight Status
    6. Scroll left to deactivate Bluetooth on your device
    7. Press Done

    Control the number of applications running

    You can minimize the number of applications that run at one time.

    1. Press Start
    2. Scroll to and select System Tools
    3. Scroll to Task Manager
    4. Scroll to the application you would like to end
    5. Press Menu and select Kill for that single application or Kill All to end all running applications

    Hope this helps

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