13 thoughts on “How do i fix flashed samsung instinct internet(metropcs)”

  1. hey bro i did everythin on the video but it still hard can u gimme a call 404 781 3016 or make a video step by step

  2. i Have a instinct as well and I downloaded everything to my computer but I dont know what to do from there? If you could give me a call at 4045510388 and help me the rest of the way. Im Verne’ Thanks

  3. Whats the Programming code.. When you get to step #2 it says to “write to phone before continuing” and the program ask for a Programming code in order to write……

    do u have this?

  4. Hey I have tried to down load QPST configuration and it keeps saying Code time is elapsed. Enter the code once again I keep entering it and nothing happens please tell me what to do. On this phone when trying to get on internet it keeps saying profile update could not be completed. Please try again later. If problem persists please contact customer care. Error: 49657

  5. @mcmullin191 the m800(instinct) is by far the EASIEST phone to “flash”. The droid on the other hand is not. Example: in order to communicate with the droid, it needs to be in dm mode via virtual serial port (there are other methods)& a full feature cdma phone tool. So to answer your question, no you cant fully flash a moto droid by “crossing over all your QPST stuff ” rofl. but you can seriously mess up the phone lol

  6. ya i will probably make another video showing step by but idk if it will still work cuz i got a new phone now but i’ll try within a couple weeks i’ll make one comment rate and subscribe

  7. i dont think you can do this on the droid it works quite well on quite afew samsung phones though

  8. hi, i tried this like a week ago, and it didn’t work. could you do a video doing this step by step to see if i’m doing anything wrong. i would appreciate that a lot. thanks.

  9. Hello,

    Awsome write up! Do you know how to set this up for the Droid. I can cross over all your QPST stuff but on the Droid there is no options for setting web ip and ports? Any help would be appreciated.


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