how do I register my business?

Question by Aharon N: how do I register my business?
I want to start a business in Goergia. It's a small business, that does phone repairs. does anyone know how to register such a business? if so, please provide the web links to any forms that I may need to file.

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Answer by Tom Carter
Simply go to your City Hall and ask for Business Registration Department.

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Question by Holly V: Is it possible to repair the Nokia N72,while it totally washed into the washing machine?
It was a great mistake and my husband's cell phone had been dropped into the washing machine with the bedsheet,is it possible to get repair it?or it is totally gone?seems funny,but causes us a lost of money....!anybady passed through this situation?can cell phone be repaired?

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Answer by tormented_666_soul
I had a friend who once dropped it into the toilet :)) she opened it up and let it dry and then it was okay. don't know about the washing because all of the detergent and balm and whatever. good luck with it anyway.

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