How do i repair an existing phone jack?

Question by ┌┌┌: How do i repair an existing phone jack?
Do i need to buy a new phone jack... Is there a simple way to do it?

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Answer by Michael H
You didn't say what needs repairing but frankly , just buy a new one....

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Question by music28: How to repair my cell phone ?
I accidentally spilled lotion on my cell phone. Some of the letters do not come out right when I text now. What can be done ? Thank you.

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Answer by edward
tou better ask a specialist or hace your warranty

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  1. If the contacts are green from moisture take a screwdriver and scape it on the metal to clean, if it is a broken or loose wire try connecting the red to red or red to blue and the green to green or green to white depending on what type cable you have!

  2. depending on if the jack or the wire itself is the problem…

    i would start with removing the jack cover, and looking at what wires are connected to the green and red wires of the jack (if the jack is for 2 lines, then see what wires are connected to the yellow and black also)

    standard phone color code is blue/white connected to green/red, and orange/white connected to yellow/black…

    if once you change the jack there is still no dial tone at the jack, follow the wire back to the NID, or next jack that the wire is connected to (if the wires are inside the wall this will be alittle more difficult, and you will need a tone generator, and probe, which costs about $ 60)

  3. blow dry it it really works my aunt her phone was dump in the toilet by her little daughter and then she blow dried it at night and it started to work again the next day!

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