how do i transfer my contacts from a samsung phone to an iPhone 3G?

Question by Chris H: how do i transfer my contacts from a samsung phone to an iPhone 3G?
I am looking for a way to easily move my address book from my phone to my iPhone 3G without having to type them all out because my samsung does not have a connecting cable.

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Answer by trinitronyr2002
The first thing you need to determine is whether the contacts are stored in the memory of your Samsung Phone, or in the actual SIM card itself (or a little of both). Most phones have a function that lets you copy all the contacts from your phone's memory on to the SIM card. If you are able to find this on your Samsung phone, then you can copy ALL the contacts on your phone's memory on to the SIM card so they are in a centralized location.

Once you have all the contacts on your SIM card, you can then insert it in your iPhone and do the reverse, which is to copy from SIM card to Cell Phone.

Another option is to download Samsung's PC Studio software for free and backup the contacts to your PC. You can then insert your iPhone's SIM card into a Samsung phone and do a RESTORE.

You can also go to eBay and do a search for a SIM card reader/writer that sell for under $ 10. This is a nice hardware tool that provides more flexibility and will also do the trick

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Question by bling b: How to connect and setup hdmi connection from my laptop to tv?
My computer is a samsung and my tv is a hitachi and I've also got an hdmi cable to connect both together to watch movies on my tv etc. Can you please give me step by step instructions on the connecting and the setup for the connection on both my laptop and my tv?

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Answer by mike
plug it into both and it will come up beside where memory sticks pop up . It prolly wont need installation though

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  1. Tether the 2 systems.
    As far as I know, most lappers ‘auto feed’ into the VGA port, so the trick is to tell the TV to use the correct HDMI feed as it’s ‘source’.
    My LG has a menu ‘select source’: since it detects the feed, the HDMI 1 on the menu is bold font, which is the one I then ‘select’.

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