How do my fix my cellphone if it got wet?

Question by Ally: How do my fix my cellphone if it got wet?
I accidentally got it wet under the sink. I have the LG Voyager for Verizon Wireless. I turn it on and the main screen doesn't work. The touch screen still works but it keeps pressing random buttons. Is there any way to fix this except bringing it to the store?

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Answer by Zeb
take it apart and dry it out for two days. have a fan blow on it. worked for me!

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Question by faith leila: what makeup to wear with a purple dress?
I have very fair skin with strawberry blonde hair & green-grey eyes, & would like tips on how to do my make up. I plan on wearing a purple dress to prom, and am all about trying new things when it comes to makeup. Eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner, coverup, bronzer, blush and lipgloss suggestions would really help me out! thanks.

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Answer by Catherine
simple, thin black eyeliner
silver shadows.
since you would have silver eyes, just use a clear gloss for your lips
dont use bronzer, it looks fake
pale pink blush

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  1. this justtt happend to my blackberry, i was washing dishes and i touched my phone and and it started pressing random things and then now none of the keys work, im trying to figure out myself.

  2. My husband fixes wet phones all the time. First get a bowl of uncooked rice. White i guess. Take the back off and the battery out. Bury the phone and the battery in the rice. Leave it there for a couple days. Also if you didn’t get it very wet you can just leave if plugged in for a while and the heat from the battery may dry it out. I’d say these methods are 75% affective.

  3. Take the battery out first and foremost, then try to open the phone let it dry under some type of blower ( hair dryer, fan, wind, etc.) then try to put it back. If it doesn’t work you may have to go to an Verizon store to get a replacement or they could try to fix it.

    (2) As soon as possible (preferably within 20-30 minutes). dissassemble the phone using Torx T6 screwdriver. (Get this off eBay or service depots, etc) Make an emergency trip to Sears/RadioShack/ACE/service depot/etc.
    (3) Clean/dry as much as you can, using Q-Tips
    (4) Dry the electronics components under a desk lamp on a paper towel for 24 hours.
    (5) Use a blow dryer, set on warm. Blow dry the phone. Make sure your battery are out of the phone.
    (6) Put your phone in rice for 24 hours w/ battery out
    (7) Reassemble the phone
    (8) Put back together
    (9) Only now it’s safe to put the battery back in.

    You can also leave the battery out. Leave your phone out in the sun. Let it dry.

  5. I suggest to where dark eyeliner (black would be best) with a very bright eye-shadow like almost silver with black mascara but no bronzer it would look a little weird with a purple dress and the nude lip look would look so pretty

    Hope i could help GOOD LUCK!!!:D

  6. silver eyeshimmer, lack eyeliner, pinkishpurple lipstick….

    or brown eyeliner and shadow, same pinksihpurple lipstick, brown mascara, pink blush(that has a of tint of purple)

    hav fun!

  7. This picture seems to sort of fit your description.

    Try light purple eyeshadow, mascara, purple eyeliner [BOTTOM LASHLINE ONLY, NOT DARK! :)], and some lipgloss.
    For the purple eyeliner you could buy Prestige, they have TONS of different/cute colors!

    Helpful links/pictures:
    ^Instead of the blue, wear the darker purple there and the lighter one where the purple in the picture is.

    Hope I helped!

  8. I have the same colouring as you so I might be of some help. You should wear make-up that isn’t too over the top colour wise. I wouldn’t wear bronzer as it might make you look to over done, black mascara and eyeliner. For eyeshadow I would go with a smokey grey and silver or dark purple and light purple shadow for highlighting. Your blush needs to be somewhat neutral so a nice pink but not too much that it makes you look flushed or even a nice brown/rose colour and a nice pink lipgloss. The best look is understated in my opinion and you want people to take notice of the dress. Hope this helped.

  9. The description describes that you’re really pretty. I think you should do a nice smokey eye, followed with some dark green eyeliner just underneath the smokey eye affect. Mascara? Just have maybe a light baby blue, or black. Bronzer, for you shouldn’t be that dark, just a little darker than your skin color, that’s all. I think you should have a deep red lipstick/lipgloss. And for blush just a… dark pink. Have fun at your prom!

  10. you sound really pretty :]
    purple shoudl maek your hair pop
    so keep face subdued :]

    champagne eye shadow:

    black liquid eyleiner with a cat eye

    volumizing mascara

    pale pink lip gloss:

    skip bronzer for you skin typ..instead try a light blush instead..i have smashbox soft lights in prism:

    have fun :]

  11. I would use a gold eyeshadow, I reccomend the one from MAC or your basic cover girl. You could probably pull off a shimmery purple eyeshadow mixed with the gold. I would say black, but if you have really fair skin and red hair it might not look as good. I think gold and purple will look really good. But you can make it stand out by wearing black mascara and eye liner. these colors are an example.

    I would definetly use some bronzer and blend it in well all over your face.

    && top it off with some gold shimmery lipgloss. Purple was what I wore to my senior prom and I loved being able to wear such bold eyeshadow colors.

    This is kinda what it would look like but I think you should go with more of a shimmer purple.

    If you don’t think you are capable of doing it yourself…try going to a MAC or LANCOME counter and have them do it for you. or try this website and you can buy press on eyeshadow

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