How do you get facebook back on blackberry?

Question by Marjorie-Ann: How do you get facebook back on blackberry?
My mom recently delete my facebok app off of my black berry curve. I want to put it back on. I tried going on app world and re downloading it, but it wouldnt let me because it said it was already installed. Any tips?

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Answer by Rat Poison
Set yourself on fire and dance around

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Question by sweetsupplies85: What is the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8330 smartphone like?
I ordered one from Verizon because we just moved to their service. I've never had a Blackberry before...any tips, suggestions, etc? I've always used palm in the past.

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Answer by Jesse
Its a great phone, but outdated.

If you want a good tip to get a Curve-like device from VZW within the next two weeks... call them up and explain you want the new Blackberry Tour 9630.

The phone comes out July 12th, so see if you can hold your Curve for the 30 day trial and then return it for a blackberry tour!

This phone is running the newest operating system and has way better features than the curve 8330

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