how long does it take for the online at&t store to re-stock their cell phones ?

Question by rosesss.: how long does it take for the online at&t store to re-stock their cell phones ?

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Answer by teddy0bear
It takes forever! well at least it sure feels like it sometimes. Like most supply companies it all depends on why they are out of stock and where they are getting the stock from and what agreement they have with their suppliers (and how far away the supplier is). AT&T also has stages where they will be out of stock but they wont say so online right away. This is how you can sometimes get a notification from AT&T saying you delivery has been delayed due to items being on back-order. They will eventually list the item as out of stock but this means they will have couple of days of back orders to fill when the new stock comes in. The trick is, did they order enough stock to fill the back orders and still have some left over for new orders? If yes then the item will come back in stock again if not then you will have to wait for another delivery.

In most large supply chains they have scheduled delivery days for their suppliers. For example, last I checked AT&T did not carry very many Sony Ericsson brand phones so they probably don't get deliveries from them as often as they do from say Apple so it may take them a few weeks to get more in stalk while Apple may only take a few days. AT&T also likes to have phones listed as Out of Stock for a while right before they discontinue them. (They did this with the BB 8820 and it annoyed me)

So, if we take all this into account and presume that AT&T is on the ball (since they are a major cell phone provider). I would expect them to get new stock on popular devices at least once a week. If it's been more then 2 weeks I would be concerned if it is coming back at all and you may want to call them and ask.

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Question by Tech: Which one should I get?
I am debating which cell phone I should get. These are the choices I have narrowed it down to are the

Black Motorola Razr V3-Free
-Heard this phone isn't great, and it's best feature is the look

Sony Ericsson W300i-Free
-Heard the biggest problem here are the buttons but overall good

Samsung Blackjack-Refurbished-$ 70
-Heard the battery-life sucks on this one, and the buttons are cramped.

Samsung SGH-A727-$ 100
-Heard its ok, but the keypad is slippery and cant hear well.

Moto Razr V3xx-$ 100
-Heard it's better than v3, but still is bad esp. for Cingular

Anyone else want to give their 411 on these phones?

Anyone have any of these phones, and which one do you think is a good offer and is a good phone. Any personal exp. would be great, or what you heard. Or other suggestions about some phones would be great. So what do you guys think? ! Thanks.

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Answer by Summerae Girl
I had the razor and it gave me some issues at first but then I learned a trick. Its called powercycling. You just take out the battery for 30 sec. twice a week and it gives the best signal. I seriously only dropped a call 5 times after that (18 months before i wanted a new phone) My biggest gripe about it is that for a while the screen would go white when i closed it and wouldnt go back till I powercycled it (but also keep in mind i have MAJOR BUTTERFINGERS and i dropped my phone at least once every 3 days). but it went away eventually. The sony ericssons are great phones- they have a lot of features that other phones dont like blocking someones phone number from calling you) the blackjack s getting a lot of complaints, the samsung isnt a bad phone and i haven't heard very many complaints about it the razor V3xx is the same thing as a razor but its 3G and it has an mp3 player. I would probably go with the Razor but it also depends on where you live. i'd ask which one gets the best reception form the store cause they'd know your area. What works reception wise may not be the same where you live.

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