How long to leave my cell phone in rice?

Question by creativenamehere: How long to leave my cell phone in rice?
Hey guys. this morning i dropped my phone in the toilet. it was in there maybe 4 seconds. when i pulled it out, it still worked. i then used it for about 20 minutes. i decided to make sure it was dry, so i took the battery out, dried it fairly well with a q-tip and continued to use it. it worked and then slowly turned on and off frequently. now its sitting in rice. how long should i leave it there and what else could i try? please help!

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Answer by shkawamoto
I once exposed my Motorola W510 to rain, and it stopped working.

After a day it dried out.

So give it a day.

All you got is time. Forget looking for other solutions.

My only question is, why do you use one hand to do your business? :p

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