How much does it cost for a cell phone repair in saudi arabia?

Question by : How much does it cost for a cell phone repair in saudi arabia?
The sim card had accidently been put in the wrong side in the slot,and now its stuck and doesn't come out. I want to know how much will the repair people charge to remove the sim card here in saudi arabia?
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Answer by Fairies wear boots
The same happened to me a couple time. In this case I take a small sharp knife, slide the same underneath the card, lift the card up very carefully and slide it out by pulling the knife with the right hand and holding the card with one fingertip of the left hand. Works with short fingernails only:)).

Otherwise you take the phone to any shop and have it taking out. That should belong to customer service and not be charged. It's not a repair.

Good luck!

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  1. any service center could help you.. reputable ones will do it for free.. some might charge you 5riyals just to be greedy…

  2. try to pick it out with small scissor or eye brow plucker. tell me whats the model no of mobile so i will figure out how its slot. is it iphone?

  3. Take it to where you bought it or take it to your cell phone carrier (mobily, zain, stc) and ask them to help you. Surely they won’t charge you anything for that kind of problem.

  4. You can take your mobile to any mobile shop they can do for you but not free, it’s depend now they are very clever and chargng more money, and specially if you don’t know how to do they will say you to leave the mobile and take him back tomorrow and they can do anything during this time, so becareful to go anyshop if you don’t know them and unless they will do front of you, well God bless you I think it’s not big problem keep trying with your self too, and if you are in Jeddah I can help you free if you contact me here.


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