How much does it cost to get an iPhone 4 screen repaired?

Question by cheekeyrosey: How much does it cost to get an iPhone 4 screen repaired?
I have recently gotten an iPhone 4, and have broken the screen really badly. I called the phone repair shop near where I live and they told me it would be about $ 145 to get it repaired, but I was wondering if I could get it any cheaper. Thanks!

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Answer by entropys_advocate
You're lucky to get it that cheap. Most devices like that cost about as much to fix as they do to replace. Also, chances are if you broke the screen "really badly," you more likely than not damaged other parts beneath the screen, adding to your repair bill. This is why you should spend the couple extra bucks on insurance :)

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  1. I’d verify they’re authorized by Apple to repair iPhones, because the screen isn’t normally considered reparable. And if it doesn’t work out, your warranty is null and void. Apple also has repair options for this situation.

  2. You can try to replace the screen yourself by getting the parts, tools, etc from third party vendors. There are several companies that provide iPhone repair services and the charges range from $ 150 to $ 250. I will list a couple of the ones I ran across:

    1. iPod Fix It – These guys will do a LCD screen replacement for around $ 125, which is not a bad price. They have a 30 day warranty on all parts and repairs. This is a good deal because you send it to them and let them do the actual hard work.

    2. PDAParts – With this company, you can order all the necessary parts and then replace the screen yourself. You can either buy the entire replacement kit, which costs $ 240 for the iPhone 3G or just buy the replacement LCD or replacement Touch Panel for $ 50 and $ 40, respectively.

    3. Dr Cell Phone – These guys will replace a cracked screen for $ 100. If the screen is cracked and the inner LCD is broken also, then it will cost $ 200. They also have a whole bunch of other services for the iPhone 3G, including repairing the Home button, replacing the microphone, replacing the battery, etc.

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