How much would the T-Mobile myTouch 3g cost for me?

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by Dan_H

Question by mlgarcia92: How much would the T-Mobile myTouch 3g cost for me?
I currently have a sidekick and am well over a year out of my 2 year contract. Will i get a discount for the myTouch 3g if i upgrade? Or will i have to pay full price?

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Answer by quikboy
I tried doing that, but I'd still have to pay the full price. Which is pretty expensive imho.

Anyway, I heard some negative things about the MyTouch. I've seen some reviews and my neighbor who has one notes that the screen can freeze sometimes, the battery life is poor, and sometimes the UI seems really laggy, especially with apps.

If you're looking for a good touchscreen phone, go with the HTC TouchPro 2 instead. It may cost even more than the MyTouch, but it offers a great keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.1 is very extensible, the touchscreen is better, and the camera is also more high-res.

There's even a better knowledge and more users of Windows Mobile, and T-Mobile has a pretty helpful forum if you want tips and news:

Samsung Highlight is what I have, and it's pretty nifty and fine for what it does, and it's also a touchscreen:

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Question by johnohpro: Taekwondo sparring help! How can you defend against a fast chain combo kicker?
How can attack an opponent that rushes at you with a variety of different kicks and dosen't really slow down? This is what i usually do against the more timid sparrers but when i get pit up against a high rank who knows and does a variety of fast hard kicks, what do i do? I also have a tournament comming up, and tips would also be great.

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Answer by Im always right
a gun

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  1. Balance is important. People who do lots of kicks are weakening their base usually, ’cause they only have one foot on the ground most of the time. don’t let them put their foot back down! intercept the first kick and push them over.
    (actually, I have no idea about the rules for Taekwondo, can you do that kind of stuff in tournaments?)
    Speed is the most important factor though, if you’re going up against someone who is faster than you, you’re going to have trouble, period.

  2. a good defence will prefere you good attack and i think you have to block his kicks an attack on legs to lay down your oppossition.

  3. Simple answer- angles and range. Just like chess pieces, fighting techniques have situations where they are more and less applicable. Certain moves are best performed at certain angles and certain angles are best reached using particular moves. Sidekicks for example are thrown perpendicular from the front of the body and jut out completely linear from the side side– forming a L. If an opponent is on either side of that L in respect to where the attacker’s front is positioned, then the opponent is in an advantageous position in this situation, as the attacker cannot physically remain balanced on that sidekick.

    Roundhouse kicks only have so much circular range. Being 20+ degrees outside of that range renders the kick not only useless, but now the attacker has put himself at a positional disadvantage. There are a few basic kicks used in Taekwondo. Familiarize yourself in the angles and ranges at which this kicks are optimized– thereby strengthening your own offense as well as your defense against them.

    If I told you anymore, I may as well just go fight the match for you myself.

  4. If you try to defend by back pedaling eventually he will get you.
    Move laterally constantly circling him or angle in off the 1st kick thereby not allowing him room for the 2nd in the series.

    You may not get instruction in how to do this in a TKD dojo as it tends to destroy the myth of the superiority of the kick especially in one that only attends TKD tournaments where the only points you are likely to receive are for kicks.

  5. The best sparring defense for a kicker is to put them on their back! Practice your sweeps and take downs. A VERY low spinning back sweep on the opponents advance is VERY effective, trust me they will keep their feet down after you nail them a few times! Good luck!

  6. The simplest, most effective, and most REALISTIC way to deal with this type of attack is to block while backpedaling and/or moving laterally. The chain of kicks will have to stop eventually, and that’s when you time in your own strike or combo.

    Seriously, you’ll be expending way too much effort and energy trying to block each and every kick. Striking is about probabilities. You can’t possibly react to each kick with the RIGHT block at the RIGHT angle. So, to put the odds in your favor, just back way and cover up as much as you can. Once he pauses or stops, strike him back.

    Keep it simple.

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