18 thoughts on “how to change cover on sony ericsson c902 / bytte deksel på en sony ericsson C902”

  1. The steps in readable format:
    1. find a nice hard wall, preferably concrete or stone.
    2. hold the phone on your right hand (left hand if you are left handed)
    3. raise your arm fully extended to your back.
    4. aiming for the hardest spot on the wall of your choice throw the phone towards that wall.
    5. if you failed to throw the phone but rather dropped it then repeat the steps 2 – 4 for guaranteed results.

    Man, show us how to put it back cuz I will have to start writing down the steps 😉

  2. Help i done this to replace my screen and when i assembled it it turns on but then turns off.It also doesn’t read my Sim!

  3. A really good Instrucion. I had to Change the Speaker-/Antenna-Unit. It was done in 5 Minutes! Thank you, good job!

  4. eey, du har mest fritids ass 😉
    og foresten hvor ble det aav deen fete videoen diin a??
    hvorfor sletta duu deenn??
    legg den uut igjeen 😀 deen var driit bra 😀 med all teksten på hånda di o.l

  5. OoOoO
    That was a good quastion,, i dont remember it,,
    but you can download my song trough youtube
    video2mp3. net

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