How to convince parents to buy me a laptop?

Question by Yujin: How to convince parents to buy me a laptop?
four years ago by parents bought me a compaq laptop as my primary computer.My mum,dad and I all had laptops. However my laptop broke after 2 years which then my mum bought her laptop which I shared with her for a year.Which broke after a year. So for one year I have and no computer which I am not allowed to touch my Dads laptop because he says i will infect it with"viruses" surfing the web. So I had to use reside to using a my Nokia E63 for main internet use and internet cafe which i spent over 100 dollars over 1 year for gaming and information. Im 16 and whenever i ask them occasionally they tell me im will break the laptop again....laptop broke due to manufactures faulty parts. Any suggestions

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Answer by Minecraft
tell them that they are being selfish, and need to start thinking more about you, and less about their selves. tell them, you need it for entertainment, education, and you can help them, too. you can tell them that you want a laptop, and dont stop saying that until you get 1!

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4 thoughts on “How to convince parents to buy me a laptop?”

  1. Show them you want it really bad or when a ad comes up point that out to them or show them you can handle a laptop.

  2. Tell your parents we live in a world where computer oriented experience is a must, that you wont have a future without one, tell the it will help you learn, study, and more. Tell them you will work to pay the debt and through that you can also learn responsabilities. Ask them nicely but let them know you are serious abot the commitment.

  3. Tell them you need it for education and college and go on youtube and find one of those need electronics and laptops for future is important. and if they said what about a desktop say whats the difference or u could tell them u can just buy a virus control thingies 😀

  4. If you regularly do chores and even go out of your way to do things that will help/impress them. they may be swayed or closer to getting you a new laptop. Also one way to impress them is to show responsibility with the things you already have and treat them with care. The old computer may have broken due to the manufacturer, but that’s just bad luck and it happens.
    I don’t know your parents, so I can’t guarantee that this method will work, but it was worked for me.
    Be aware that this method may take an extended amount of time to convince them but in the long run it will be worth it.
    Good luck!

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