How To Copy Blackberry Contacts To Sim Card

How To Copy Blackberry Contacts To Sim Card

The Blackberry smartphone is an advanced smartphone with numerous features. New users to Blackberry may find it difficult to find all the standard phone features on the Blackberry device such as the common saving of phone numbers into sim card rather than to the Blackberry phone book.

Most of the time, with Blackberry due to phone book features, we save our contacts information into the Blackberry handheld. But what if you want to change your Blackberry device and want to transfer your contacts phone numbers into your sim card.

Here's our Blackberry tips on how to transfer contact phone numbers that was saved in the Blackberry address book to your phone sim card.

Unfortunately, there is no way to do a mass transfer, you will have to transfer the phone numbers one at a time from your Blackberry to your mobile phone sim card.

Here are the steps to transfer the data.

Press the BlackBerry key Select Contacts to the address book
Select the contact you want to move
Press the BlackBerry key Select Copy to SIM Phone Book
Press the BlackBerry key and click Save

Blackberry smartphones usually have many third party Blackberry applications available to help users to carry out manual tasks more efficiently. However, at this moment, there are still no applications available to do this task. You will just have to make do with the manual way to do this for now. Blackberry smartphone users should always look out for latest Blackberry news as new applications are released constantly for this ever growing Blackberry smartphone users all over the world.

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