How to do an iPhone Home Button Repair

How to do an iPhone Home Button Repair

There are numerous physical features that may wind up working at the same time for your iPhone experience. You put out all of the primary commands in the iPhone on the touch screen which is the primary control for the iPhone frame. The button that powers the iPhone is located on top and it will reset everything to the base.

The home button is the circular and is located right below the touch screen on the iPhone is what makes everything work. The home button is a physical part of the iPhone which is in contact with many things in the iPhone that can a numerous problems. If the home button on your iPhone starts to have problems such as becoming unresponsive there are many different things that you can try.

One situation that is not uncommon is when there is physical interference which prevents the home button from being read.

Dust and Irritants may get into the connection port at the bottom of the iPhone and can prevent the iPhone from working properly. You might try to repair this problem with a toothbrush that is clean and use the bristles clean the port. You need to brush vigorously which should get anything out that may be in there. Blowing canned air into the port might also be helpful.

There are many times you have to consider what may have happened to the iPhone. If there was ever water anywhere on the iPhone, this can likely be your problem. If you have tried just about everything else and think that the problem is water related you can try to dry the iPhone out. Usually, this can be done by just putting the iPhone in a dry and warm place and leave it for some time. However, in cases that are extreme you may want to try wrapping the iPhone in a towel and warming it in an oven. Be careful not to let the temperature get more than 135 or 140 degrees and only do this for a couple of hours. This should only be a last ditch effort.

In, addition, you can always try a software solution for a home button problem such as the normal reset functions of the iPhone. If this is happening for the first time, you can try to turn the iPhone off and back on again to see if this has an effect on an unresponsive iPhone. In addition, you should also try to restore it to its factory settings.

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How to fix an iPhone 1G, 3G, 3GS, 4 or iPod 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G stuck on boot loop. (Apple Logo) This guide will show you how to restore your iPhone or iPod by placing it into DFU Mode and restoring via iTunes. WARNING: YOU WILL LOSE ALL DATA. Firmwares Link: Instructions: (make sure it's plugged in) 1. Hold the power button and home button at the same time until the device turns off. 2. Turn on the device then hold the power button and home button again until the screen goes black. 3. Release the power button but keep holding the home button until you hear the beeping sound on your PC. 4. iTunes should pick up the phone in DFU Mode and ask you to restore it. 5. Hold shift and click restore then pick whatever firmware you want to restore to. 6. Enjoy.
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