How to do an iPhone Screen Replacement Repair

How to do an iPhone Screen Replacement Repair

Replacing the screen on an iPhone is one of the most complex repairs on an iPhone. Prior to attempting these repairs make sure that you have a clear working space for your replacement screen and iPhone and that you have sufficient time to complete the task.

It is necessary to totally dissemble to iPhone to do a screen replacement repair. So, before you start the repair you should have ready some small pieces of paper to label the parts and especially the origin of the screws. Label these pieces of paper motherboard, aluminum black case, and metal back screws. Lay them out on the workspace with a small space between them for the replacement screen and other iPhone components to lie in.

To affect this repair you will need the iPhone replacement screen, a paperclip, a small Phillips screwdriver, and a case opener. After you have these in hand and the pieces of paper lined up, make sure you have clean hands prior to beginning the repair.

First remove the SIM tray by inserting the paper clip in the hole on the top of the iPhone next to the power button.

The SIM tray should eject when the clip is inserted. Then, use the case opener and remove the back of the iPhone and place these 2 components next to the labels. You should place them the furthest away from you on the work space.

Then, remove the 2 small screws on both sides of the back that secures the metal casing, and another screw that can be found on the middle, top of where you removed the plastic back. Place these on a paper label. After this has been completed, again take the case opener and carefully run it along both sides of the iPhone to loosen the back away from the frame. The metal back is secured by a wire ribbon so detach this carefully from the main section of the iPhone, not the metal back end.

Being very careful, remove the antenna cable to the iPhone that is secured in three positions by glue. Pry it loose carefully from the glue spots. Then, remove the 10 screws from around the sides of the iPhone, and label them outside case and place them on the workspace. Next, remove the 3 screws that hold the motherboard. You need to remove the battery and the motherboard all at the same time since they are connected with solder. Then, detach the remaining iPhone frame carefully.

In order to fit the replacement screen, remove the broken screen. Carefully loosen the 3 clips on the sides of the screen and slowly start to remove the old screen. You will notice that there are some wires that are intertwined into the iPhone. Guide them carefully through the frame.  

Last, insert the iPhone screen replacement into the iPhone. Reassemble in reverse order.

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Vincent the phone repairing man hope this helps xxx

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