How To Do Card Tricks – Three Types Of Card Tricks

How To Do Card Tricks - Three Types Of Card Tricks

So you've seen Criss Angel or David Blaine on TV and now you've decided that you want to learn how to do Street Magic! The best place to start for most beginners is card tricks.

To get an idea of the kind of card tricks you can focus on, I've broken down most card tricks into these three broad categories:

1. Fake Deck - Ah, the fake deck, the pride and joy of children everywhere. Of course, there are some stunning tricks that can be performed with a fake deck. A lot of these tricks are the easiest, however. These are the kind of card tricks that involve duplicate cards, cards with "tell-tale" signs on them, and the like.

The benefits of these card tricks are that in most cases, they can usually be performed straight away, with minimal skill or learning effort required. You memorize the "rules" of the deck, take it out, and perform the trick at any time.

The drawback is that the deck can only perform a limited number of tricks at best. Once you've done the trick to death you'll have no further use for the deck.

It's also pretty difficult to mix the trick into a routine. One minute you'll be using a regular deck for tricks, and then, if you want to perform a fake deck trick, you'll have to pull out the fake deck. "Hold on guys, I need to change the deck because...err..."

Of course, if you're good, you could probably switch them convincingly. And some of the fake decks can be used for regular tricks too.

It can also be expensive if you limit your magic to fake decks. You'll have to buy (or make) them for every different style of trick you want to perform. Could add up to a lot of cash.

2. The Prepared Deck - I'm not a fan of these tricks, although some of them are my favorites. Basically the prepared deck tricks are tricks that require your deck to be set up before you perform the trick. It can range from being as simple as having the 4 aces starting out on top to having the entire deck arranged.

The most obvious advantage of this style of trick is that the results can be revolting. If you know how to fake shuffle a deck, you can make it look like the deck isn't pre-arranged, which results in the only possible solution to the trick being nullified. As a result, in the spectators eyes, your trick is "impossible". In other words, magic.

The disadvantage is that you can only safely perform one of these tricks as the starting trick in a routine, unless you have multiple decks set up. Again, that complicates things although the result is usually worth it. Instead, I usually start off a routine with a deck already set up, perform a prepared deck trick, and then move on to our next type of card trick.

3. Sleight Of Hand - It takes effort to learn sleight of hand. But like anything, the more effort you put in, the more you get out. These are the hardest types of tricks to learn, and usually mix well with types 1 and 2. These involve manipulating the cards with nothing but your bare hands in most cases, and require practice, practice, practice to pull off successfully.

The best thing about these kind of tricks is that if there's a deck of cards around, you can do magic. Any time, any place. You can pick up the deck and start freaking people out. Once you've learned a sleight, you've learned it for life. It's like riding a bike, seriously. It becomes muscle memorized and you can do it without any effort required.

The only downside is that you have to dedicate some time and effort into learning the sleights. The way I learned was by repeating the sleight, over and over, while doing something that didn't require my hands. Watching TV, having a conversation (or argument), or jogging on a treadmill. Sooner or later you don't even realize you're doing it and then that's when you have it memorized!

If you want to know which type you should utilize, I recommend all three; starting with sleight of hand. This is what separates a magician from someone who picked up a simple trick from their friends. Sure, if you don't want to be a magician, that's fair enough - but you'll be super impressive if you bring sleight of hand to the one or two tricks you want to perform.

Magic is great entertainment. Guys think magicians are cool, girls adore them (how many times have I heard Criss Angel is so cool! And sexy...) and it's all just huge fun.

Which is why I'm offering you a free magic trick every Friday. Just visit my blog and sign up for your piece of street magic every week.

You have one week to learn and master the trick before we move on to the next. They won't be impossible, I promise! I'll give you all the information you need to pull off the trick in question. Sound good?

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