How to Do iPhone Water Damage Repair

How to Do iPhone Water Damage Repair

It can be a disaster to spill a glass of water on your iPhone or to drop it in a bucket of water. However, this doesn't mean that your iPhone is ruined forever and that you should run out and go buy a new one. The first thing that you don't want to is to immediately power the iPhone up and see if it works or not. If you power up an iPhone that has water damage it will probably result in a short circuit, and that will end the life of your iPhone. The first thing that you should do is to attempt to dry it out. Although it is one of the slowest ways for your iPhone to dry out, you can allow it to dry by air. To do this, simply lay the iPhone on a towel in a dry place and allow it dry for a minimum of a week. You should only use this method if you don't have any other options because the faster the iPhone dries out the greater your chances are that it will work properly.

One of the fastest ways to dry out your iPhone out is by using a blow dryer to dry it out. Place the blow dryer at the lowest heat setting and dry the iPhone frequently about 2 hours. Never adjust the blow dryer to the high heat setting since some of the parts are made of plastic parts in the iPhone and they might melt. One other method to dry out your iPhone is to place it in a bag of silica or rice. Place the iPhone in a bag that is made of plastic and cover it with the uncooked rice or silica. Then seal the bag and let it sit for about two days. This should draw the dampness out of your iPhone. If after you have dried your iPhone out it still won't work properly, you may have to take it to an Apple store for replacement or repair. However, the warranty doesn't cover water damage, but Apple will fix it at a reduced price or give you a discount on a new iPhone. The iPhone technician at the Apple store will be able to determine if your iPhone is water damaged by water by observing an indicator that can tell if the iPhone has been submersed in water that is located on the bottom of the iPhone. An indicator that has turned pink indicates that your iPhone has water damage.

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