How to find replacement tips for HTC One earbuds?

Question by brent: How to find replacement tips for HTC One earbuds?
Where can I find replacement tips for the earbuds that came with my HTC One (Not one X, X+, etc, the new One). Ive tried to put tips from other earbuds on them, but they tend to be too large, making me think that ordering generic replacements wouldn't work. Any Ideas?

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Answer by Heidy

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Question by Rob_Schneider_Is_A_Stapler!: Tips to save battery life on HTC Evo 4G?
It seems like my battery life is gone in the blink of an eye even if I havent even touched the phone. Help!

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Answer by Orlando
If you go to Settings> About Phone> Battery> Battery Use
You'll notice that 70 to 80% of the battery is going to power the 4.3 inch screen... So lower your brightness and set your screen timeout to 15 or 30 sec.

Also turn off 4g when ur not using it.

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  1. Go to the mobile service shops they will have earbuds in different size . Just check it all .

  2. Aside from all the tips you can get from internet such as dim the screen/turn off the connections, install the app JuiceDefender – it saves my battery life a lot by automizing these processes. Give it a try.

  3. The original battery for the HTC EVO 4G is rated at 1300mah. This number indicates the capacity of the battery. With that rating you should get approximately four and a half hours of talk time and about 68 hours of standby time. Of course, web browsing and your charging habits will affect this number. Here is an article about how to extend your charge:

    Overall, if you aren’t getting anywhere near that then you may need a new battery. Here is a link to a standard sized HTC EVO Battery:

    You may want to consider an extended battery which will give you more like 2400 mah…a huge bonus. Here:

    Good Luck!!

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