How to Fix Blackberry Storm 9530 Replace Screen LCD

How to Replace a BlackBerry screen, Fix screen on the Storm, 9530. Step by Step simple instructions on how to get your screen replaced on your BlackBerry. This is the easiest fix possible. Cheap and easy. If you can't fix your blackberry, please visit for all your used cell phone needs, no contract, cheap prices, and always free shipping.

3 thoughts on “How to Fix Blackberry Storm 9530 Replace Screen LCD”

  1. I took apart the screen as you do in the video to check which type I would need to buy but when I put it back together it turns on but I cant see anythjing it works because I hear the Blackberry Messenger and email go off

  2. Hello,
    I changed my screen, but its black. It works, but I cant see a thing. I know its works because when i was cliking the mp3 started to play. What is wrong? Thanks.

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