How to fix GTA San Andreas radio and cutscenes voices

If you downloaded GTA San Andreas and you deleted the Trainer.exe the radio and cutscenes voices will not work so those are the files to fix it If the file name is SFX, so put it to SFX files at the audio (Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas Files) And if the file name is Stream, put it to Stream files. Like this: Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas ⇒ Audio ⇒ SFX @ Streams When putted, Play! Links: OR Direct Link coming soon...
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

45 thoughts on “How to fix GTA San Andreas radio and cutscenes voices”

  1. be sure the the game is not running ( try restarting your pc and then earace them). If your gta san andreas is on a dvd its normal that you can’ t earase them.. if its on your pc and you cant you can use the program: Unlocker 1.9.1.. this will help you delete them for sure.. google it…

  2. dude fr the sfx it doesnt let me earce it can i just leave it and put otheerrs reply as fast as u can anyone

  3. Man just watch the video and dont ask stupid questions but yes you must extract them and first delete the old ones ( sfx and streams) and the put in the new ones..

  4. When i replace the sfx files first i must remove the old sfx files right??? And then the same with the stream files???

  5. It’ is a spywear so just follow my video and you game will have radio and cutscenes voices again

  6. please help i cant hear sounds of phone calls. i have all the files in sfx folder and stream folder. my audio folder is of 3.23 gb so why i cant hear that sounds..

  7. to pc mou den exei problima mia xara to antexei to san andreas etsi kiallios exei low grafika…telika to ekana reinstall kai mou lithike kai to problima…

  8. File afto ine provlima tou pexnidiou sou, den ime sigouroos ti ine, pistevo oti to pc sou den ine arketa dinato gia to gta san andreas.. dokimase na xamilosis ta grafika apo tis rithmisis, i na ksanakanis egkatastasi to pexnidi..

  9. Guys I have another problem…when I enter in a mission and the custscene starts…Cj doesnt move his mouth…I mean I can hear all the voices and the radio songs but when cj talks his mouth doesnt move or sometimes I see strange things on his face…I dunno if you can understand me but if u can pls gimme a reply thnx 😉 KAI EGW ELLINAS IME AMA BOREIS NA M APANTISEIS PES MOU

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