17 thoughts on “How to Fix or Replace Broken iPod Touch 2g & 3g Generation Glass Screen Assembly”

  1. And to fix an unresponsive screen, you will have to replace the entire LCD screen, you can order those off amazon I believe and it’s not really hard, there’s YouTube tutorials all over the place

  2. To all the people asking about using the old home button, you can’t, it all comes out with the screen, there’s no way you can save the old home button, when you get a new screen the home button WILL be attached to it.

  3. my screen is smashed to where little glass pieces fall out & part of the screen is starting to turn grey..how do i fix that????

  4. Oh my gosh keep saying phone it’s a freaking IPOD TOUCH 2nd hen doesnt even have a mic!!! D:

  5. Why are you always saying phone it is an iPod not and iPhone even your title says iPod.

  6. change the lcd it the screen didnt crack u dont need to change that u could probably find it on ebay for 10 dollars or somewere around that price!

  7. mine was hit with a wiffle ball and its not cracked but the top left of my 4th gen is discolored! wat shuld i do?

  8. What if we but a digitizer where the home button flex cable isn’t taped on… How do we do that and what do we use? Thank you for the tutorial

  9. thanks alot man i had to pay 400 dollars to get my ipod touch 32g 4th generation

  10. Thanks man, I broke my screen and then absolutely destoryed it taking it out. Thought I wa screwed ,but the insides are still intact and the inner screen is still working so I think I can just get a new Glass/digitizer and i’ll be fine

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