How to fix your iphone,ipod touch

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Question by John: Messed Up Razr?
I have this really screwed up Razr that I got... it was two problems.

1. The camera is messed up (it's like night vision [green and black]).
2. I can't charge the battery with the charger, I have to put the battery in my dad's Razr and charge it there and then put it back on my phone.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem? Or does anyone know any phone repair shop where I can go fix it? I live in Atlanta, Georgia by the way.
I haven't resolved my problem yet... does anyone know any cell phone repair shop in Atlanta, Georgia?

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Answer by melissa126978
If its less than a year old Motorola will replace it as long as it doesnt have any major physical damage or water damage

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  2. hi my ipod touch went to a DFU mode nothing works i tried to restore but i get error messages i tried to get rid of these messages with programs such a ireb but nothing i also tried in different pc’s but nothing works :(

  3. hey nice video my friend.
    I have an ipod touch with the same problem
    mine shows only the apple.
    I already did what you did you do but nothing.
    could you help me please.

  4. i can turn on my ipod touch but sliding the button to unlock doesn’ t work, i tried restoring and waited a few days for it to get discharged but that doesnt work either. so what to do?

  5. The Internet is fucking useless it says jail break jailbreak jailbreak jailbreak JAILBREAK what if it aint jail broken it wont recover or do anything and its 3G not 2G?

  6. my screen went dark and i cant get it to get it back to bright again,ive tried brghtness it was normal,does this fix it?

  7. i have an easier way to fix yo shit… to not too, dont be a cheap ass and get a warranty, and dont jail break!

  8. man thank u. if i knew u i wud giv u 50 bucks. thanxs alot u helped me fix my ipod. i was so worried. u just got a new subscriber

  9. hi roadamp. i watched ur video n was wondering if this will also fix my ipod touch 2nd gen mc model. plz reply. thanx

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