How to get BBM working on a blackberry curve 8250?

Question by Nana: How to get BBM working on a blackberry curve 8250?
I have a blackberry curve 8250. I don't have a data-plan, but I can download all kinds of apps from bbapp world. Whenever someone adds me, it just says "pending" with their bbm pin on it. What can i do for it to stat working? Please help? I can't afford a data plan.

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Answer by BlkBear
Without a Blackberry Data Plan, you CAN NOT use BBM. Will never happen, nope, nada, ain't happening man.

So no BLACKBERRY data plan (no other data plan will work btw), BBM is not working, no hacks to make it work, no way to fake it working or trick the phone into thinking it has a BB data plan.

So in answer to what you can do to get BBM working, the ONLY way is to get a Blackberry Data Plan. Sorry but it's the only way, since all BBMs go through the RIM servers when Blackberries are connected to BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) or BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service).

But I can use Wifi you say, yes, yes you can use Wifi for internet access for anything but BBM and any app that must have BIS or BES to work.

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