16 thoughts on “How To Hack/Root The Kyocera Hydro”

  1. I have ten of these phones if you dont believe me watch my unboxing videos
    on my channle I tryed it on all of them and nothin make a new video a
    better on please

  2. Hey, i get the next message:
    2012 giantpune
    [-] can’t get a handle on it: -1 Permission denied

    A demon materializes whie pooting. Error code: 18
    su binary was ont written.

    What can I do to fix it?

  3. Works for me, after POOT does its thing, you might have to open up the SU
    app as having it installed is part of Rooting. Without opening the SU app
    other root app fail to see SU privileges. And i get some error 22, and POOT
    told me to restart the phone and try again, I ignored that.

  4. Okay I’m confused… I have this exact phone and b4 I go thru all that
    could you tell me exactly what is the point???

  5. mines is saying “Sorry! This device does not have proper root access.” what
    should i do now?

    *EDIT* nevermind… i forgot to restart the phone. now it works. Thanks!

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