1. they are not pplications running in the background its a log of what the
    software did.press alt lg lg and then delete all the logs.dthen open an app
    say you tube app then close it and press alt lg lg and all the logs are
    back again

  2. @ dapklak03 i see ur problem well did u try deleting and reinstalling the
    facebook app? if that dont workout i think you should restore the
    blackberry to its default setting than set it up see if that work..it
    happened to me to my blackberry messenger app than i just deleted
    everything adn restore my blackberry…but what i think u really need is to
    just deleted the facebook app and install it again hope that helps

  3. If you can’t get this to work on a storm, use a convinience key to open the
    virtual keyboard in Screen/Keyborad menu in options. Then after pressing
    the button, press !?123 and then ” and / . And repeat the same process
    again. Make sure you press the !?123 button twice, If u can’t understand,
    reply to this comment!

  4. BETTER WAY … Alt-lglg menu – opions- scroll down so tha ur highlighting
    something – ten hit menu – hide all type – and save

  5. @fireblazzer5 Ohhh okay, thanks man :)…. Do i install it like a normal
    theme or a normal firmware… Any special way?

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