HOW TO QUICK FIX: Blackberry Curve 8520/8530 Trackpad (Temp.)

Follow me @ Quick video showing the steps to a quick temporary fix for those problematic Blackberry Curve track pads out there. While this is confirmed to work with the Blackberry 85xx models, it does not mean it will work with others. Keep in mind this is a quick fix that is only temporary so if you are still under warranty, bring it in to get fixed or replaced. If any of you know know a fix for other models with this method feel free to share it in the comments down below. Comment Like Favorite and Subscribe!
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Question by : Where to get lg phone repair + estimate?
The front (resistive touch) screen on my lg enV Touch is cracked in several places and in one part of tyhe screen there is a black irregular shape =(. Does anybody know any good cell phone repair sites where I can get a quote and quick repair? Also just wondering: would it be better to have lg repair it and if you know approximately how much would this cost? i have insurance but that is a last resort because I if I need the phone replaced through verizon it will require a data plan (I got it before this was required on "enhanced multimedia phones" and I personally think this is bogus; because I dont think that an $ 80 refurbished phone and a useless $ 10 monthly data feature is worth it.) Thank you for any help!

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Answer by Nathan
1. Paying to have the phone fixed will almost guaranteed be more expensive than a $ 90 deductible for a replacement
2. LG cannot and will not repair the phone- you must go through the insurance company
3. You will not be required to get the data plan since you bought the original phone before the rules went into effect

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  1. That’s great to hear :) It’s awesome you’ve found a solution to make your Blackberry experience a lot better. Based on experience, a lot of RIM’s devices have experienced lag in some way or another.

  2. I tried this 3 days ago, but instead I put a folded cardboard paper in between the plate and the battery. It’s the 3rd day and its running very smoothly. Not even one bit of “freeze” anymore. Thank you! You’ve just saved me money from going to a Blackberry repair specialist.

  3. Your such a genius omg i love ya so much ahhh your fingers are so sexy and your such a genius omg cannot believe it you sexy cunt thanks so much you horny fingers

  4. it didn’t work :( my phone is screwed forever! (unless I decide to part with it to get it repaired) :'(

  5. Thanks man, great job.  Can’t believe BBerry never added navigation arrows given the ‘track’ record of their devices.

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