How to Quick Fix Unresponsive Home Button – iPhone 3G/3GS

A fix for the common iPhone issue of a difficult-to-press or unresponsive home button. This is not the power-button-unlock fix; this does require some VERY BASIC disassembly of your iPhone. Note that this is only A fix. I tried doing this because no other method (such as blowing out the dock port) worked, and I didn't want to go through the hassle of removing the digitizer to replace the button. As it turned out the button was in decent shape, as this phone had almost always been used with a case. If your home button is stuck, this may be all you'll need to do to it, instead of having to remove the glass, buy the button, and then replace it, when even THAT may not fix your problem. I disclaim all responsibility if you destroy your phone or otherwise render it inoperable.

Question by tank: opening a Phone repair store inventory?
i would like to open a phone repair store. ive been searching and searching for a list of inventory i would need and the cost of iinventory? i also would like to know how much a phone repair store makes on average. if some one could help me answer these questions it would be appreciated. thanks

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Answer by kemperk
do market research
write a biz plan
read 2-3 books on entrepreneurship/small biz

find your passion

you are already ready to solve customer's problems, so--almost there!

contact each phone supplier--see if they will give you a REPAIR site franchise.

can guide further

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  1. I didn’t even think about the home button contacts when I replaced my iPhone glass. The home button wasn’t working…I watched this video, checked the home button contacts. They were all bent out of shape. I simply did some unbending, and it works like a champ! Thanks for this video. If nothing else, it gave me the idea to look.

  2. Thats what I like to see. people who stick up for each other. and for that I reward you Good job dude! that’s one less ass hole to deal with.

  3. When I did it I accidentally disconnected wire 1 so my phone initially didn’t work. After reconnecting it everything worked great and my home button worked. Those people that think they broke their phone probably did what I did

  4. I know there’s a lot videos on how to go about this problem and some pipol charge you 200 quid for a fix but basically this is the less intrusive and should be considered first on the list. Thanks for this vid it is indeed a quick fix! If this did not work I could have gone to the length of replacing my home button but thanks again. I closed my fone first time and it did not not charge.. i swept accidentally the charging connection on the board so just watch out for it :)

  5. but my home button doesn’t work, thats why i came here, not to re-calibrate the home button.

  6. Ok I need to make a video because I tried everything and nothing worked until I figured out a trick. U need to remove the black electrical tape then take rubbing alcohol and poor a little bit on the button while holding the screen upside down and tilted so non gets on the LCD and with the button filled with alcohol push the button over and over for a few minutes. Repeat this a few times and it washes away dirt that’s stuck under the main contact of the home button and the ground plate. It i

  7. Why this works to fix the buttons responsiveness isn’t entirely clear, because the procedure actually just force quits the application you launched in the first step. This procedure supposedly recalibrates the Home button. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, it does seem to work and definitely has made mine seem to respond quicker.

  8. Before you do that, try this peeps, works like magic…
    Open a default iOS application, such as Stocks, Calculator, or Weather
    Press and hold down the Power button until the “Slide to Power Off” dialog appears, then release
    Now press and hold the Home button until the “Slide to Power Off” screen disappears, force quitting the application

  9. my phone only had one lead :( My guess is that one broke off and that’s why it’s not working

  10. Thanks man,

    This method worked for me kind-of– can anyone help? – so the button works now, but only works when the screws are I’m thinking maybe the original issue was just the screws…any ideas?

  11. The two leads are pointing on two conductive pads on the iphone dock pcb. Just add a little bit of solder on the iphone contact so basically one point is connected with the lead and the other one with solder from the dock pcb. Make sure you have an iron with a small head. Sorry for my bad english.

  12. I honestly cannot figure out why this doesn’t work for me anymore. I guess I have to replace the glass and button now.

  13. dude it worked! ill be honest, i didn’t think it would…but it did!!! thanks a ton!!!!

  14. @ asmodeus20 thanks alot dude!!! I was gettin pissed off bangin my phone on everything forcing the home button down then i seen this and did it it actually worked!!! Saved my life thanks alot!!!!

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