14 thoughts on “How to repair any water damaged phone in 1 HOUR!!!”

  1. i have a htc android my daughter dropped it in water and i tried the vac by sucking the water out and rice do u think it will work for my phone?? and thanks for trying to help if it don’t

  2. Does 91% isopropyl alcohol do the same? I have checked every store in my area and that’s the highest concentration they have.

  3. HAHAHA this guy knows none of the science behind this, but kudos for the attempt at the explanation. The alcohol is an organic solvent so it could potentially dissolve glues and such.

  4. why are you scared…your phone is already broken yes? The faster you get to trying a solution, the better off you are. Water is corrosive, but needs time. Worst case scenario is you are out $2 for the iso and you have to go back to your carrier for a new phone…which is needed already. You may also need a new battery if yours went kaput…

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