How to Repair Headphone Wires

How to Repair Headphone Wires

Hello, Welcome to my fourth installment to my Headphone Repair series. In this video I show how to fix the headphone wire itself. A lot of time a short can occur in the wire (instead of at the plug like I show in my other Headphone videos). Also, headphones wires can get cut or damaged very easily. This video shows you a simple way to make these types of repair. To purchase an inexpensive wire stripper and electrical tape, check out my Amazon Store. The link is located on my homepage on the right side or by clicking this link:
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18 thoughts on “How to Repair Headphone Wires”

  1. I’d try replacing the plug. Go to my 1st headphone video and start from there. It’s called “#1 How to Repair or Fix Headphones”.

  2. My headphones are not broken. Only one ear bud does not work. Can you make a video of how to fix them?

  3. Mine has a coppery wire, a red wire, and a green wire. I want to add it to a small device that already has a speaker. Help!

  4. do you have to burn the enamel off for it to work? also can you put differnt bits of differnt headphone tohether? thanks :)

  5. Thanks man, saved me money! The number of headphones I have thrown away instantly as soon as the wire was damaged….

  6. Bend the wire starting from the plug working your way up to each earphone. Do this while listening to music with the headphones. If the sound goes in and out when you bend the wire at a certain area, the short most likely is occurring there.

  7. Well, I am friends with Bill Gates…ha. In reference to the “genius” statement. Glad to help out.

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