how to repair the power switch of your Nexus one. PART 1 OF 5

IF YOU OWN A NEXUS ONE MOBILE PHONE WITH AN UNRESPONSIVE POWER SWITCH, DO NOT DESPAIR.............. HERE IS HOW YOU FIX IT PERMANENTLY :) This is a hardware fix, which involves bridging the two broken tracks on the flex cable that go from the power switch to the main board. This repair worked at once for me and i have had this pone operating like new for 10 days now. You do not need to buy a new flex cable or to install any software. This repair works regardless of whether your phone is rooted or not. I upload a series of 5 videos (about 14 minutes each) where you can see how this phone is disassembled, where the repair is done, and how to reassemble the phone again. Note that recorded these videos without knowing that I would succeed. Fortunately it did work. You will need the following tools: 1-T5 (tork or star-shaped) screw driver 2-Small phillips screw driver (cross) 3-Plastic sparp spatulas for prying 4-tweezers 5-Adhesive Kapton tape 6-15 cm of Thin (0.1 mm diameter) enameled magnet wire 7-Fine tip (0.3mm) soldering iron 8-Use this videos as a tutor to carry out the process Credits: I want to thank slickromeo who put the best detailed disassembly video here in you tube. I want to thank tzitzu at the XDA developer's forum who posted pint out information to repair the power switch. Gracias Oski por tu ayuda con la lupa! ENJOY!!
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  1. Amazing, this has been the most difficult soldering I did in my life. After living 2 months with the “ninja-start” now I am back to normal life :)

  2. Fucking cunts! Selling this piece of shit for a fortune but unable to manufacture something which will last longer then a split second…my last HTC for sure!!!
    I wish I have never switched from my good old Nokia N97…

  3. Great guide! I took mine apart and cleaned it but it didn’t do much good.
    However, a BETTER FIX is to ninja-start your phone by inserting the charger and removing and inserting the battery again. This will start your phone WITHOUT the power button.
    Now just go to android market (play store) and download “Fix Broken Power Button”. (red icon). Install, enable and unlock your screen using the volyme control. Lock by placing a widget-icon on the screen!
    Your phone is FIXED! 2 minutes, no hassle!

  4. hi am using nexus s my power button is not working can u help me to fix my power button….waiting for ur reply

  5. The camera is inserted in the square socket. You have to remove the camera from the old flex. Notice the orientation. 1- Remove a metallic frame that keeps the camera in place. Use the plastic tool an pry near the base of the socket. 2- Lift the camera out of the socket. Place adhesive tape on the top of it to lift it ,and use the plastic prying tool to remove it.
    Once is out place it with the same orientation in the socket of the new flex, and then carefully remove the tape and put the frame

  6. I already bought the replacement flex cabe. Gonna change it this week, but i don’t know how to change the camera from the old flex to the new one. Can you show me?

  7. Yes it would… Indeed. And it is easier to do as well. But the problem will repeat after some use.

  8. Out of curiosity, would a new flex cable fix this issue? much easier than soldering, and probably cheaper as I don’t have my soldering stuff where I am.

  9. Awesome vid- I did the repair and it works! Not easy at all and I wouldn’t recommend attempting if you don’t have a good amount of experience and the equipment. I ended up using a bench mounted microscope to solder to the connector -not easy.

  10. Dude i just had this problem too, tomorrow i am bringing it to a technician, somebody like the person from this video, i hope he fixes it. If you find any help, or if i do, i will let you know 😉

  11. great videos, but if repairing seems like too kuch work: if you plug the micro usb cable into a power source, and pull out and replace the battery 5-10 times it will confuse the device and turn it on. then just get widgets/apps that unlock the phone with the volume, cyanogenmod has this function built in. you can also screen lock and reboot with other apps.

  12. LOL @ 00:03 “another example of this piece of…technology” 😉 I can totally hear the frustration in you voice. Incredible patience and methodical thinking and troubleshooting! Just FYI, that star-shaped driver is called “Torx”, with an ‘x’, not a ‘k’ and pronounced like “Torks”. Another small thing to note: you consistently called the tweezers “pliers” in the video, even though you correctly listed it in the description. My N1 still has a working power switch (knock on wood) since release day.

  13. I loved my Nexus until the button stopped working. I figured out how to turn it on with the charger or USB cable and was fine with it.

    Then I went to flash a new ROM on it and something went wrong causing a boot loop. I went crazy trying to figure out how to get it into recovery without the power button. Finally found a way to do it with Superboot.

    I’ve gotten used to managing it without a power button. The ROM I run has trackball wake and a sleep widget. I forget it has the button now.

  14. Fantastic Guide, not for the faint hearted, I fixed my phone using this approach as well. Additional tips:
    -Magnifying glass a must
    -sticky tape to mask the pins you don’t want solder on
    if you manage to get it working mod the phone straight away and install something like cyanogem mod which has a wake on trackball option. Also install a lock app that allows you to lock the screen without using the power button via a 1×1 widget on the home screen.

  15. Great guide, but really did wish you had recorded the actual soldering. THIS IS A WARNING FOR OTHERS. View Part 3 of 5 and realize it does not go into detail about the hardest part of repairing the power button. Also if you can, use a binocular headband magnifier. I wouldn’t have been able to solder to that tiny little point without one.

    Power button works now, but now the phone won’t stay off. I have to take the battery out to keep it off. Is anyone else experiencing this?

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