10 thoughts on “How to Save Battery on BlackBerry Z10 – Battery Life, Battery Saving Tips”

  1. if i didnt drain my battery when i first did that can i still do it and get
    the same effects?

  2. If used the battery bundle kit – which is a battery in a portable charger,
    and just simply fully charged a completely dead battery – and just swapped
    them out every time they depleted – would that be better? Would it be
    better to charge from completely 0% – 100% all the time (full cycle) using
    this method? (I am no physician)

  3. So how’s the battery life for you ? Any problem 9-5 ? What’s it at at the
    end of the day 40%?

  4. every time you charge the phone 5 times make sure you run the battery all
    the way down to 0%

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