How to Unlock Sony Ericsson Z750a?

Question by John: How to Unlock Sony Ericsson Z750a?
I have a sony ericsson z750a... I changed the phone security code..but I forgot what it was....(ugh) Does anyone know if there is a way I can turn the code on/off or change it without needing the old code? I don't think it is possible.. Just thought I'd ask and see if maybe I could get lucky!


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Answer by #1 Mustang Fan
Try this:

*#73287489263373738# = *#securitycodereset# : Resets security code to 0000 (remove SIM card first)

and if that does not do the trick then:

The service provider cannot help you. It is not called a security code for no reason. You have 3 choices:
1. Replace the device
2. Send the device back to the manufacturer or take it to a shop to have the software flashed and reloaded
3. Start at 0000 and keep adding 1 to it (0000; 0001; 0002; etc) until you hit the right number

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