How to use a nextel data cable for a i850?

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by RafeB

Question by BARB00911: How to use a nextel data cable for a i850?
I bought a data cable for our nextel motorola i850 cell phones. How do I use it? It didn't come with a disk or instructions. I tried just plugging it in but my pc won't find it. I have Windows Vista So I am not to sure if there is a trick to it. I need to take my photos and songs off my phone broke and need to switch them to the new phone. Thanks for your time.

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Answer by MyMoto
Hi Barb,

Assuming you're using a USB data cable, you could use it to back up your phonebook, upgrade the software in your phone, save images to your PC by using one of the iDEN Phone Management Applications from the following:

Unfortunately, these applications are not Vista compatible

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