HTC HD2 Beginners Guide “pimp your phone” Pt.1

HTC HD2 Beginners Guide

Made another video to show you some BASIC essentials to the HTC HD2, tips, tricks, information and such to help you get your phone running and looking how you want it to. TOP 5 USEFUL links you need to save forever if you own a windows mobile device - new Hd2 software released YESTERDAY(5/19/2010) fixes alot of the bugs and ELIMINATES the freezing issues that people have reported. DO THIS FIRST!! - this is where you register and download the O market cab file - xda forum to download the latest Cookie Home Tab Application to pimp your home screen real slick. - forum to download the Cookie Home tab EDITOR, you should install this app after you install the cookie home tab app, it allows you to access MANY more options to the cookie home tab default app. And of course....install ALL of these programs to your phone memory, not the sd card(for best performance) - main Hd2 home page for the forum, tips, tricks, custom roms and apps. *Please note, i am not a customer service rep so I cant have time to answer many questions about the Hd2, IF i can help, i will let you know though, send a message to my INBOX and do not leave me your phone number or email address, i will only reply in the youtube inbox to keep it simple for me*
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  1. That reset app. would be useful, but there is actually a reset button on the phone.. pull off the back over and there should be a little yellow reset button ^.^ but the app makes its much easier

  2. After I installed Co0kieHomeTab_v1.8.5, I installed CHTEditor.v1.8.5.1. It ran well for a few minutes and I could set up a wallpaper too. But after some tweaks the whole screen is black but only w/ quicklinks boxes and time displaying. There is also 3 page up-down scroll mode available. What is wrong w/ this, could you tell me?

  3. I believe the upgrade from t-mobile website tells you to remove the sd card in case it holds data that you don’t want to get deleted. But aside from that I guess the rest in built in memory will get deleted.

  4. thanks alot for these vids, they were real helpful.. i’ve had my phone for almost a week and right out the box i was tryin to put android on it but since its not 100% i’ll just stick to WM even tho i’m not fan of it, just moved from a g1 had a mda before that and didnt like WM, but you made me like this phone so much better it’s like why was i stressin android for… “GOOD LOOKIN OUT”.. and can u me tell how to completely get programs off the phone i dont want havin a hard time doing it

  5. If you go on the site, you can find a lot things people have hacked and put into .CAB files… You download them for free and install them on your phone :]

  6. yo bro thanks for the over view that was really help full ….but could you make a video on the cookies home tab vr 1.8.5 and the editor cuz i dont really get how to put it on the phone or even how to enable it….thanks

  7. i cant download the o market from my phone… on my computer it doesnt show up when i download it… its just four different things that when i click leads me nowhere… what should i do?

  8. Dude I wanted to let you know that I have read a bunch of different tips and tricks for this phone, and your videos by far had the best information to use. Thanks man!

  9. I just got an HD2 but how so i start? I downloaded everything on the links. But where do I start? I just have a regular HD2 but dont know the first step please help!!

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