HTC HD2: How To Install WP7 (Windows Phone 7) & MAGLDR 1.13 To NAND

In this video i show you how to install windows phone 7 to your htc hd2. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK The background music in this video is not my work and i do not own the copyright for it. name of all three tracks played in my video daft punk - the son of flynn daft punk - the game has changed daft punk - tron legacy (end titles) If you want to backup your android system before installing wp7(because wp7 wipes everything of your phone) then follow my video on backing up everything in android. WP7 STOCK ROM + MAGLDR 1.12 + LATEST LEO512(EU) + LEO1024(T-MOBILE) RADIO NEW!! MAGLDR 1.13 WP7 HD2 Custom ROM v1.01.00 (Already Unlocked/Jailbroken) ____________________________________ POSSIBLE WIFI FIX: PULL OUT your SD CARD and RESTART your PHONE ____________________________________ IF YOUR HAVING ISSUES WITH MOBILE DATA (INTERNET) NOT WORKING THEN CHECK OUT MY POST ON XDA, I HAVE TRIED TO INCLUDE AS MANY CARRIERS AS I COULD, IF YOU HAVE ANY THAT I COULD ADD THEN PLEASE LEAVE THEM IN THE COMMENTS ____________________________________ "Out of memory" issue fix All you need to do is: 1. Sync with Zune 2. Click on Settings 3. Click on Reserved Space 4. By default its set to 0% - increase it to at least 50%. (This reserved space is for your emails, pictures, music, texts etc i believe) 5. Restart your phone. You can check the amount of space on your phone by going to On your phone click on 1 ...
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17 thoughts on “HTC HD2: How To Install WP7 (Windows Phone 7) & MAGLDR 1.13 To NAND”

  1. Hi! I installed WP7 and it’s works very good but I can’t activate windows, What can I do? Thanks

  2. Mr 914andystrong. Now please help me….Wht to do. I get stucked at and getting the error below i listed. Hope you can get something out for ppl like me :)

  3. man this phone mutates to a rare product with such a BIG Programmer Base, its totally awesome, got one today for 40$, haha i feeled like i ripped one off 😛

  4. I am facing this problem after formatting my sd card by sd card formatter.
    When i was installing wp7.5 tango flashed all the 3 partition but it stopped in middle of 4th partition. Then on computer it gave this msg.
    An error has occurred

    Read below for more information

    Error Description: send d000ff partition data failed
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (1279)

    Error Description:
    Info: .RSPLRSPL.cpp (956)

    Help me pls.

  5. great! it worked perfectly for me. But can i update my phone or not?, it keeps asking me if i wanna update my phone.
    thanx again!

  6. hey i have an htc hd2 from t-mobile can you put the link for the WP7 HD2 Custom ROM v1.01.00 to download it, and are these the only thing i need to run 6.5

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