HTC Incredible High Gloss Silicone Case with the Device

HTC Incredible High Gloss Silicone Case Cover, has a carbon-fiber design on the back. Non-stick silicone has a smooth finish. has tricks and tips
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Made another video(part 2) to show you some BASIC essentials to the HTC HD2, tips, tricks, information and such to help you get your phone running and looking how you want it to. TOP 5 USEFUL links you need to save forever if you own a windows mobile device - new Hd2 software released YESTERDAY(5/19/2010) fixes alot of the bugs and ELIMINATES the freezing issues that people have reported. DO THIS FIRST!! - this is where you register and download the O market cab file - xda forum to download the latest Cookie Home Tab Application to pimp your home screen real slick. - forum to download the Cookie Home tab EDITOR, you should install this app after you install the cookie home tab app, it allows you to access MANY more options to the cookie home tab default app. And of course....install ALL of these programs to your phone memory, not the sd card(for best performance) - main Hd2 home page for the forum, tips, tricks, custom roms and apps. *Please note, i am not a customer service rep so I cant have time to answer many questions about the Hd2, IF i can help, i will let you know though, send a message to my INBOX and do not leave me your phone number or email address, i will only reply in the youtube inbox to keep it simple for me*

31 thoughts on “HTC Incredible High Gloss Silicone Case with the Device”

  1. im thinking about getting this case for the droid x, and was wondering if u knew if it would fit in the car dock with the case on

  2. @killalllamas I bought the red to black gradient case when I pre-ordered the HTC Inc. After a little over a month, about one quarter of the material from the face of the cover has chipped, and now it looks terrible (I paid just under $30 for it). I will be getting the silicone case tonight. I would steer clear of the hard case from Verizon.

  3. @killalllamas Haven’t seen it, but from the look of the pictures, I think the 2-piece one makes the phone more bulky. I’ll stick with the High Gloss Silicone.

  4. there is a red hard 2 piece case that they sell at verizon. do you think this one is better or is that one?

  5. @khockey17 It is probably the best smart-phone on the market. IMHO better than the Iphone. (But everyone’s got their own style). Of course, when the HTC Evo comes out, that will be even nicer. Unfortunately it’s on Sprint, and I don’t want to switch from VZW. This HTC incredible should do perfectly fine, for the next 1.5-2yrs.

  6. @dbastian99 I think, if it is a leather or cloth “pouch holster” you should be fine. The phone is pretty thin, and the silicone case barely adds to it. If you want to put it in a plastic-clip holster, then I think you will have some problems. (Because those are designed to be form fitting.)

  7. I was wondering if you thought the phone with this case on it would be able to fit inside a hoster to go on your belt. I like this case but wanted to know if the phone could still fit into a pouch to wear on my hip to carry the phone. What do you think?

  8. @gonets13
    Yes there is. All the accessories and stuff where all released on the day the phone cOme out. Even zagg already released their invisible shield. It is a really good product. I used to have it on my BB storm before I got this phone

  9. @gonets13 I haven’t seen any good ones. Apparently the VZW screen-protectors are junk. Also, heard that they don’t cover the entire front, only the “screen” area, but the “buttons” and the area near the track-pad are exposed.

  10. i got this phone also yesterday and the same case. i love it. its an awesome phone but by the way do u know how to put on the LED to falsh like on a blackberrry just to show that it is on.

  11. Can you download the cab file using a Mac? Can You download third party apps from different websites on a mac and transfer them to your ph?

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