25 thoughts on “HTC One Apex Launcher Setup & Tips”

  1. why doesnt the ps3 controller work with the htc one? shed some light as to
    why it doesnt work and whether a new update may fix the issue?

  2. Easy, just open folder & click on the 3dots where you’ll 2 options, edit &
    remove. When you click remove, it will delete the folder & apps will be out
    of folder again.

  3. It’s just a launcher, it replaces the skin HTC put on phone. Your phone
    doesn’t need to be rooted. You can try the free version on the Play store.

  4. thanks for replying i’ll try it out. One more question, DO you recommend
    any lock screen apps (like go locker) that allow us to see notifications
    (like email, text, calender preview) on the lock screen?

  5. What is apex launcher is that? Do you have to root your HTC one for that? I
    has some cool features and I just want to know to get that. great video
    though! Keep it up!

  6. thanks for watching. about the Apex launcher, it is very safe and if you
    decide to unninstall it you will not have to restore phone. it is easy to
    use and has lots of safe tweeks to help make the phone the way you like it.
    you can downlaod and try it without making it your default launcher until
    you get familiar and then you can make it your default.

  7. I know you like the blink feed that comes on the HTC one, but I have
    watched your videos and you love the apex launcher as well. I just watched
    a video and this guy uses blinkfeed with nova launcher. So I figured I
    would share this video with you and maybe you could set your phone up so
    you could use apex and blinkfeed. It won’t let me put a web address in here
    but his name is s7yler and the video you want to watch on his channel is
    HTC One combined Nova Launcher + BlinkFeed setup

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